Alec Baldwin was speaking to a crowd of mostly Democrats in New Hampshire at the Democratic Party’s Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner at the Manchester Downtown Hotel. He stated that “we need to overthrow the government of the U.S. under Donald Trump.” Baldwin also stated that the means to do this is through legal measures, such as voting.

The dinner was a fundraiser for Democrats and Baldwin was the main attraction due to his known criticism of President Trump and him playing the president on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin was recently in a skit portraying Trump and mocking the Kanye West visit.

Kanye West has declared himself a free thinker and has faced criticism of his own by those who also dislike President Trump, regardless of how many accomplishments Trump makes during his tenure as president.

Baldwin’s criticism didn’t stop. He spoke about Trump during the dinner, but also spoke about him after when he did a short question and answer session.

The actor stated that he is horrified and feels like he’s in a dream because Donald Trump won the 2016 election over Hillary Clinton and became president.

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Baldwin wants people to overthrow the government through voting, but here’s a question for Baldwin – “what if we like Trump?”

Not much to overthrow when your economy is doing well, ISIS is being defeated, and many other things look good such as Trump’s new bill allowing pharmacists to save consumers money.

Here is the short video clip of Alec Baldwin stating that we need to overthrow the government.

“Alec Baldwin: We need to overthrow the government of the U.S. under Donald Trump”

Union Leader stated, “Fresh off his first appearance of the season as President Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” actor Alec Baldwin headlined the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s inaugural Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner Sunday night at the Manchester Downtown Hotel.

“The way we implement change in America is through elections,” Baldwin said. “In that orderly way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump. Not in a violent, awful way, but it must be overthrown nonetheless. Let’s make America great again, by making Donald Trump a casino operator again.”

Baldwin won an Emmy award last year for his mocking impersonation of Trump on NBC’s “SNL.” He did not appear as Trump in Manchester.”

Baldwin may be a famous actor with an established career with Hollywood, but his constant divulgence into politics might have scared off many of his fans.

Many entertainment fans have been disappointed with the inclusion of politics in the entertainment world. Sports, movies and music have been tainted by Hollywood celebrities and entertainers using their platform to become vocal points of politics.

The problem there is that many people turn to entertainment as an escape from reality and the entertainers are ruining it for those of us who just want to watch a movie, catch a game, or listen to some good music.

Baldwin’s other issue is this – he should address voter fraud and take a look at where much of it comes from.

But, will he do that, because it might require him to call out his own party?

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