Parents who live in Seattle, the state of Washington’s largest school district, need to be on high alert for what’s going on at the schools.

Parents Defending Education (PDE), a prominent parental rights organization, obtained documents revealing Seattle Public Schools (SPS) will offer free “gender-affirming care” to students.

“Seattle Public Schools’ School Based Health Centers offer middle and high school students access to “gender affirming care” that includes hormone therapy and referrals for surgeries,” PDE President Nicki Neily said.

“The health centers, operated by Country Doctor Community Health Centers, offer ‘no cost comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gender affirming care, conveniently at the school,'” Neily writes.


The services offered include “gender-affirming medications (estrogen, androgen blockers, testosterone, etc.) and injection techniques.”

Also, “hormone therapy for adolescents and specialty referrals for younger patients as needed,” & “referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.”

The health center states that it “does not provide puberty blockers” for adolescents at the time.


According to PDE, Seattle Public Schools’ policy states that staff should not disclose a student’s transgender or gender X status unless “legally required to do so” or “the student has authorized disclosure.”

From PDE:

Seattle Public Schools’ “Gender-Inclusive Schools: Transgender and Gender-Expansive Student Rights and Supports” (Policy 3211) states that “staff should not disclose a student’s transgender or gender X status to others unless (1) legally required to do so or (2) the student has authorized disclosure” and “contacting the parents/guardians of a transgender or gender X student and it is unclear whether the student asserts the same gender identity at home, it is best practice to avoid using gender pronouns.”

“It’s bad enough that medical professionals are prescribing cross-sex hormones and cutting off breasts and genitals of minors,” PDE Director of Outreach Erika Sanzi said.

“It is a whole new level of awful and terrifying for schools to be involved,” she added.

Daily Mail reports:

While puberty blockers are still barred for prepubescents, kids as young as 10 will still have access to cross-sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone at two primary care clinics the CDCHC runs elsewhere in the city. reached out to CDCHC and the two school health centers for further clarification about the policies in place at these school-based wellness centers, but did not immediately receive a response.

According to documents from the the Seattle Public School obtained by PDE, both centers are ‘staffed full time by a clinic administrator, medical providers, and a behavior health specialist.’


‘The Nova Wellness Center offers no cost comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gender affirming care, conveniently at the school,’ the passage reads, before listing and specifying some of the services it offers including ‘gender reaffirming care,’ the documents state.

‘We bill appropriate services to insurance if you have it,’ it adds, after confirming it is a subsidiary of Country Doctor. ‘There are never any co-pays or co- insurance to worry about.

‘We also offer services and support to students and families without insurance.’

“Documents obtained by Parents Defending Education reveal that certain Seattle Public Schools offer so-called ‘gender affirming care’ on site to students as young as 11 years old,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham said.


“American families need to know what K-12 schools are pushing behind closed doors to their children with taxpayer dollars. A minor child could be receiving ‘gender affirming care’ at school without families ever knowing — it’s shocking,” Neily writes.

Seattle Public Schools responded by saying: “Access to these services enables the early intervention, prevention, and treatment of health-related barriers to learning with the goal of promoting school attendance and improved academic performance.”


“Community healthcare agencies independently operate School-Based Health Centers in spaces provided by Seattle Public Schools. Seattle Public Schools does not supervise or participate in the provision of health care services in these clinics,” Seattle Public Schools told The Post Millennial.

The Post Millennial provided further info about the mess in Washington State.

Last year, The Post Millennial revealed that the district saw an 853 percent increase in students that identify as non-binary in only three years.

In Washington State, such treatments can be given out to children without parental consent including for reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, substance use, gender dysphoria, gender-affirming care & more.

Washington’s Adolescent Behavioral Health Care Access Act, which the legislature voted into law in 2019, “gives parents and providers more leverage in the treatment of a young person who does not want to or cannot independently seek medical help for a mental illness and/or substance use disorder.”

Snohomish School District officials told The Post Millennial in 2022, “In Washington state, the age of medical consent is 13. That means that a person 13-17 years old can independently seek medical treatment, without the consent or knowledge of parents/guardians.”

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