This is not a rebuke of Donald Trump.  These people hate you.  And, now, they are coming for you.



In a 232-197 vote, the House of Representatives has impeached Donald Trump a second time.  This is the 1st time a president has been impeached twice.  This is vote is not really to rebuke President Trump, though.  It is to rebuke anyone who tries to fight the increasingly totalitarian establishment on both sides of the aisle, including Big Tech.  That is why 10 republicans also voted in favor of it and why many others have not spoken out against it.

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All House Democrats voted for impeachment.  But 10 RINOs also joined them.

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Here are the 10 RINOs who sold you out, today, for the last time (we hope) under President Trump.

The 10 Republicans:

1. Katko

2. Kinzinger

3. Cheney

4. Upton

5. Herrera Beutler

6. Newhouse

7. Meijer

8. Rice

9. Gonzalez

10. Valadao


Now, the process moves from the House of Representatives to the Senate where he faces a conviction.  If convicted in the Senate, President Trump would lose many of his post-presidency perks.


According to Josh Blackman, a constitutional law professor at South Texas College of Law in Houston:

“…if Trump is impeached, tried, and convicted while in office, he will lose his pension, his office, and staff benefits. But it is very unlikely that he will lose his Secret Service security detail. However, if the removal did not happen before the January 20 inauguration of Biden, Trump would remain a “former president” under the Former Presidents Act because “a former president cannot be ‘removed’ from a position he no longer holds” and only thing that would be banned for him will be his ability to run in 2024.”


However, the goal of this show-trial is is likely not to dissolve President Trump’s post-presidents perks, it is to render him impotent in future elections:


“After a president is impeached by the House of Representatives, the Senate conducts a trial where a two-thirds vote is required for conviction. If he is convicted, the Senate can also disqualify him from holding office again with a separate simple-majority vote. Summing up, if Trump is convicted after he leaves office, the only thing he loses is the ability to run for public office.”


Watch closely now to see who, if anyone, in the party is truly loyal to Trump and America, and who outs themselves or joins the totalitarians of the establishment.


If President Trump ends up getting convicted by a a totalitarian kangaroo court in the Senate, too, we expect that Don Jr. would still be eligible in 2024.

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