Sacramento, California police were trying to put crime scene tape up to rope off the area where one of their officers had been fatally wounded when gawkers began taunting them.

The video below posted to Twitter by Matthew Keys, a digital editor at Comstock’s Magazine, will make your blood boil as comments like “The only person we need to be safe from is you.” and ‘Take that gun off. I’ll whoop your little butt… All y’all cowards.” were directed towards the police officers:

One of their fellow officers had been shot and later died at the hospital. Please pray for the loved ones of the officer.

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The police officer had responded to a domestic dispute and was fatally wounded by someone with a rifle who opened fire on officers from the backyard of a home. The officers were helping a woman remove her belongings when they were ambushed.

Tara O’Sullivan was wounded but wasn’t able to be transported to the hospital for 45 minutes because of the standoff with police. She later died at the hospital. Tara O’Sullivan was 26-years-old and had been with the Sacramento Police Department for only one year.

The shooter who barricaded himself in a home for 8 hours and exchanged gunfire with police, surrendered and is now in custody.

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