Last month, leftist actress Alyssa Milano attempted to raise $100,000 for illegal aliens.

On November 24, she pleaded for donations on Twitter:

Some friends and I are trying to raise $100,000 today to help some people in the fight of their lives, seeking asylum at our southern border.

Would you be willing to give to help out?

Today, the leftist actress, Alyssa Milano took to Twitter today to mock the efforts of an American who started a GoFundMe account to help President Trump raise the funds he needs to build a wall on our southern border.

Milano tweeted:

Oh, yes! Let’s while not taking care of our veterans. Cool. Cool. Cool.

There’s only ONE BIG problem with Alyssa Milano’s tweet, the person who started the GoFundMe effort to raise $5 billion to help build President Trump’s wall is a triple amputee, Brian Kolfage, the most seriously injured US Air Force member ever to survive his injuries.

Brian Kolfage, who’s a personal friend of ours, has been working to mentor wounded veterans since he walked out of Walter Reed Hospital on two artificial legs 15 years ago. Brian has also been involved in a number of charities that support veterans who’ve been injured in combat. The unstoppable patriotic veteran came up with the idea to fund President Trump’s wall after it became clear to him that the anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats in Congress would not give Trump the necessary $5 billion he requested to build the wall in the CR.

Here’s how we responded to Alyssa Milano’s ignorant tweet about the audacity of someone starting a GoFundMe to support the funding of the wall before taking care of our veterans:

Hey, Alyssa…the GoFundMe page was started by , a triple amputee veteran who was blown up while fighting in Iraq. He does more to help injured veterans in one day than your obnoxious tweet ever could.

Brian Kolfage’s GoFundMe account just blasted by the $7 million mark. Milano’s tweet doesn’t appear to be having an effect on the average American who just wants to see our borders protected from invaders that include terrorists and criminals.

Here’s how a few more people on Twitter felt about Milano’s tweet:

Nick Pagnotta tweeted:

I’d be willing to be there are a LOT of that have donated for funding the wall and “Protecting our Country”. If we were spending hundreds of millions to support illegal aliens we’d have lots to take of our Vets!

Jeremy tweeted:

This from the same person that wants to let everyone into our country and take care of them above taking care of our own homeless men, women, children…and veterans.

Loren Russel nailed it with this reply:

is taking care of our veterans..and we the people are taking care of the wall.

Mike Scarborough’s reply to Milano’s tweet was perfect!

If you’ll agree to take care of illegal aliens before veterans. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Finally, Brutis M. Astina reminds Milano that she doesn’t speak for veterans, responding to her tweet by saying he’s a veteran and he supports the wall and President Trump:

I’m a – and yes, we need to !


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