Trump supporters came together in Washington DC and across our nation in an unprecedented grassroots show of support for a President.

Dan Scavino tweeted this incredible video of a massive crowd of Americans singing the Star-Spangled Banner while waving American and Trump flags.

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Many are tweeting incredible photos showing a massive number of Trump supporters filling the streets of the DC swamp, while thousands gather in various cities and towns across America, demanding free and fair elections.

Here’s a great shot of the crowd by “The Right Melissa”

Rose Tennant of the Rose Unplugged radio show in Pennsylvania, was live from the #MarchForTrump rally in DC. US Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), joined Rose for her live broadcast.

One Twitter user said what everyone else is thinking, “There is no way President Trump lost,’ adding, “The Democrats couldn’t even get this many people if they were giving away money.”

Ricky Rebel and others accused big tech oligarchs of blocking their live streams of the event. While we cannot confirm or deny their report, it is more likely that the massive number of cell phones being used at the same location was the issue.


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