According to the organizers, thousands of Trump supporters showed up to take part in a historic Trump road rally in the formerly blue Macomb County, MI. In 2016, Macomb County voted for President Trump. The November 2016 general election was the first time Macomb County voters supported a Republican since Ronald Reagan.

This afternoon, semi-truck trailers, tow trucks, landscaping trucks, farm tractors, motorcycles, and hundreds of passenger vehicles decorated with banners, and Trump flags, lined up to enthusiastically show their support for President Trump.

There’s a lot of talk by political pundits about how the race for President in Michigan is going to be a close call, but the enthusiasm for President Trump in Michigan is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The massive road rally today is the third or fourth major grassroots event in Macomb County in the past year.

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Rob Cortis, the owner of the Trump Unity Bridge, was one of the organizers of the event. Cortis’ “Trump Unity Bridge” was the lead vehicle in the road rally. Local police blocked off roads, allowing the Trump Road Rally to proceed to its final destination, uninterrupted.

Watch the rally through the eyes of Rob Cortis, seated inside the truck that’s pulled the patriotic Trump Unity Bridge across the United States of America:

We took this video at an Auto Workers For Trump Rally one year ago in Sterling Heights, MI. The rally was organized by autoworker Brian Pannebecker. We spoke with Brian and about the support Trump has with auto workers. We also spoke with Jazmine Early, an American citizen who immigrated LEGALLY from Columbia. Jazmine explained why she’s supporting President Trump again in 2020.



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