Ambassador John Bolton was on Lou Dobbs tonight to comment on the Susan Rice news. It’s being reported that she called for the unmasking of names for likely political reasons. if that’s the case then she can be charged with fraud…She should lawyer up ASAP. Reports are showing that the unmasking and spying increased as it came closer to Trump’s inauguration. That could be the clue that this was stricly political.
Who can forget her lies on 5 different morning shows after Benghazi. She’s clearly someone who has zero credibility and who should be investigated for using intelligence for political purposes. Throw her in the slammer or give her immunity and make her talk?

John Bolton –  “This is stunning news. And you can’t, even somebody as senior as the National Security Advisor, can’t just decide they’d like to unmask names to find out whose name is involved in a particular intercept… If she said that even somebody as senior as her but her real motivation was political she was committing a kind of fraud on the intelligence gathering system and if she participated in that kind of fraud to help the political misuse of that intelligence she’s got serious legal problems here.”


Adam Housley is earning his keep at FOX News by single handedly busting the Trump spying scandal wide open: Housley discusses additional unmasking of Trump family members and associates that has NOTHING to do with national security. This is all Obama and his higher ups who used spying for political purposes. Susan Rice is being named as the person who unmasked the names of Trump and Trump associates. She should serve jail time for what she did…but will this get that far? It seems no one in politics is held accountable for the illegal things they do…Hillary Clinton comes to mind. Nothing happened to those responsible for Benghazi, IRS targeting, Hillary’s email scandal…

Will someone FINALLY be held accountable for illegal activity?

Is anyone really surprised by all of this? The REAL surprise is that a reporter is actually doing his job! Investigative reporters who actually dig and find the truth are a rare breed these days. Housley just tweeted out a great statement on how this is all about getting to the truth and not about politics:


Kudos to Adam Housley for his great work!

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