Senator Bill Cassidy was minding his own business walking down the hall when protesters ambushed him demanding an apology for “ruining their futures”. Cassidy didn’t skip a beat and gave a priceless response: “Guess what? Your parents are using you as tools. In the future, if somebody makes an allegation against you and there’s no proof for it, you’ll be OK.”

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Now that was a great comeback! Senator Bill Cassidy was thinking on his feet and delivered a truthful message about due process. he’s so right that when someone is blamed for doing something wrong you should be innocent until proven guilty. That’s how America rolls!

Cassidy did the same thing when a woman approached him last week:

A leftist protester ambushed a GOP Senator then couldn’t answer questions he tossed back at her. Senator Cassidy did a great job of pushing back!

The big question to ask after watching the video below is what if the tables were turned on this woman and she was accused of something without any evidence? How would she feel then? Would she be so ready to convict someone without any corroborating evidence? We doubt it. She’s blinded by what she’s been told and can’t answer a logical question. Pitiful…

Daily Caller provided a transcript;

Cassidy: “Why wouldn’t I support Kavanaugh?”

Protester: “Because rapists are bad.”

Cassidy: “Wait a second — everybody there said that it did not happen. So why am I going to–”

Protester: “So you’re going to believe Mark Judge over a woman?”

Cassidy: “No, I’m going to believe her best friend.”

Protester: “Her best friend didn’t say it didn’t happen. Her best friend said she wasn’t told about it.”

Cassidy: “She said she didn’t remember.”

Protester: “So you’re OK as a doctor to harm a woman?”

Cassidy: “Wait a second – are you OK as a person to go ahead and to accept a non-corroborated charge to destroy someone’s life? If it destroyed your life, your son’s life, or your husband’s? Wait a second, answer my question. If it was your husband, your son, your father, whose life has been destroyed by uncorroborated, would you like that?”

Protester: “I would support a full FBI investigation.”

Cassidy: “No, no. Would you like that? An uncorroborated charge, destroying—”

Protester: “I wouldn’t marry somebody that was a drunk.”

Cassidy: “Oh no, wait a second. Uncorroborated. Answer the question. I don’t think you’re able to. Because you know it’s unfair.”

Protester: “I would stand up.”

Cassidy: “You know it’s unfair.”

Protester: “I would fight. And I would make sure women are heard. Clearly you’re OK if a rapist goes on the Supreme Court.”

Cassidy: “No, I’m not. But then on the other hand, clearly you’re OK, the absence of evidence obviously means nothing to you.”

Protester: “No, there is evidence. Look at the standard. How many people are in jail for less?”

Notice how this woman calls Brett Kavanaugh a rapist. The left has labeled Brett Kavanaugh a rapist with ZERO evidence. Christine Blasey Ford NEVER said Kavanaugh raped her. Julie Swetnick NEVER said she saw Brett Kavanaugh rape anyone.



“It’s a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of.”

Due process!

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