America First Legal reveals proof that the CDC collaborated with big tech to censor free speech and promote Biden’s COVID agenda

Documents uncovered by America First Legal, a legal team and nonprofit founded by former Trump advisor Stephen Miller, have revealed “concrete evidence” that the Center for Disease Control collaborated with tech giants like Google and Meta (Facebook) to censor freedom of speech and dissent from the Biden Administration’s official COVID-19 narrative.

Dr. Fauci’s CDC colluded with Big Tech to Censor Free Speech

AFL President Stephen Miller said the following in a statement regarding the discovery:

Former Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller

“These explosive smoking-gun documents, obtained as a result of America First Legal’s litigation against the Biden Administration, conclusively demonstrate that Big Tech has unlawfully colluded with the federal government to silence, censor, and suppress Americans’ free speech and violate their First Amendment rights. Government is expressly prohibited from censoring competing or dissenting viewpoints or from silencing its political opponents whether it does so directly or whether it uses an outside corporation to achieve its draconian, totalitarian ends. AFL will not rest in the fight against illegal collusion between Big Tech and Big Government to trample on your voices and the Bill of Rights.”

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The evidence in question? Coordinated emails between the CDC and Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al in which the CDC gave lists of unacceptable Tweets and search results deemed “misinformation,” Google signal boosted World Health Organization job programs in search results at the CDC’s express request, and the CDC ensuring on Facebook that “verifiable information sources” are not blocked–as State Department COVID-19 misinformation was being flagged as such on Facebook.

CDC email to Twitter about “misinformation”
CDC email to Google about signal-boosting Ads

These emails directly prove that the CDC was censoring speech through Big Tech–a violation of the First Amendment if ever there was one.

Freedom of speech never favors the Democrats, and so it is something they viciously try to stomp out however they can. With Big Tech’s affinity towards woke nonsense, they are a natural ally in the Democrats’ crusade against freedom.

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