It’s bad enough that in the month of May alone, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ reckless policies on immigration resulted in US Border agents encountering over 144,000 illegal aliens crossing our southern border. But now, American citizens are watching taxpayer money that was supposed to help our nation deal with the COVID pandemic being diverted to house children who illegally crossed our border.

What happened to helping Americans first—you know, like the ones who pay the taxes our government is doling out? Why are we putting the needs of foreigners who are breaking the law to enter our country above those of American citizens who are truly hurting?

Bloomberg News reports – Health Secretary Xavier Becerra notified members of Congress on Tuesday that the department would reallocate the funds to cover increased costs in ensuring the safety of children arriving at the Southwest border, as well as staff attending to them at shelters, according to a letter seen by Bloomberg News.

A Biden administration official said that the need for pandemic-related precautions, such as testing and quarantining, has added at least $1.7 billion in costs to the program.

In Becerra’s letter to lawmakers, he said the money would ensure the safety of unaccompanied minors who have shown up at the border and the staff attending to them at shelters.

According to the Daily Mail – A Biden administration official told Bloomberg that because HHS has had to take precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of housing migrant children has gone up by at least $1.7 billion.

In the letter to House and Senate Appropriations committees leaders obtained by Bloomberg, Becerra notes the uptick in the program’s cost.

He explained that more space was needed because children arriving in the U.S. have to quarantine.

Additionally, intake shelters have had to ensure proper social distancing of children and staff.

Instead of forming another committee to investigate the fake insurrection on January 6th, perhaps our lawmaker’s time would be better spent developing a commission to determine whose idea it was to flood our nation with foreigners while ignoring the needs of the American people who are suffering from the government lockdowns. Who are the puppet masters pulling Joe Biden’s strings, a so-called “president,” who is so out of his league that he’s carrying around notecards with answers to potential questions from the media?

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