AMERICA LAST Joe Biden Border Free-For-All, Immediate Amnesty For ALL Illegal Aliens [VIDEO]

In a video on Bizpacreview, Joe Biden has promised to to send a massive immigration reform bill to Congress within days of being sworn into office. The capstone of the bill will be being legalizing ALL illegal illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, reverse Trump’s border progress in first few weeks, and issue driver’s licenses to all illegals. 


Joe Biden


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But it is much more serious than the mainstream media is headlining.

Despite the false mainstream narrative constructed by the mainstream politicians and media that only 11 million illegals are in the country–which somehow hasn’t changed in ~20 years–the true total is at least double that number.

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According to the most accurate estimate by Yale Universtiy, hardly a bastion of conservative bias, the total number of illegal aliens in America is 20-30 million.

Yale Study Graph of Illegal Immigration Estimates,


In addition to legalizing these up to 35 million estimated illegals (~11% of the entire population of the USA), Biden will also offer a path to citizenship for the millions of DACA recipients and certain refugees who are in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status.

Many people are rightfully worried that this will depress wages and cause massive cultural clashes with millions of people.  It will also dilute the American culture, history, and traditions, values with many who do not know or understand the very unique society and language of American Constitutional governance and values.  As one reputable CIS study shows:

“It is not just that the availability of massive numbers of illegal immigrants depress wages, it is the fact that their shear numbers keep wages from rising over time and that is the real harm experienced by citizen workers in the low skilled labor market.”


Recent reports and videos abound, showing thousands of migrants from Guatemala rushing Latin American border and streets making their way to America to illegally cross into the the USA in time for Biden’s inauguration and immigration proposal.


Below, thousands of unimpeded illegal immigrants storm Guatemala from Honduras, headed for America to greet Joe Biden’s America Last proposal and inauguration:



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