Republican Senators faced backlash after an overwhelming majority approved a massive aid package to Ukraine of $40 billion.

The vote came after Pentagon officials openly admitted that they cannot track US aid coming in to Ukraine and that much of it is sitting in storage units on the Western side of the country where there is very little active conflict going on.

Ukraine has said that it could need as much as $65 billion more from the United States in 2022 to continue the conflict with Russia.

Today, Senator Kevin Cramer (R-Nd.) was asked if there is a “line” on the amount of money that the United States should send to Ukraine.

Cramer admitted that he does not believe there should be any limit to the amount of money that we send to Ukraine.

The Post Millenial Reports

Republican Senator Kevin Cramer told Charlie Kirk during a live segment of his show that there is not a “dollar amount” that is too much to send in Ukraine spending.

Cramer’s comments come as no surprise, as he voted in favor of the second Ukraine aid bill in May that approved $40 billion to be put toward Ukraine.

Ukraine has since indicated that it needs $60-65 billion in 2022 to meet its “funding requirements.”

Kirk asked Cramer where the “line” is on Ukraine funding, as he and many Republicans are not in favor of sending aid to the country, asking specifically why Cramer believed it was in the best interest of the United States to send billions to Ukraine.

“Well, I don’t know that the line is a dollar amount, Charlie,” Cramer began. “I think each request or each requirement, each demand, each circumstance requires its own discovery if you will.”

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