President Trump tweeted incredible images of tens of thousands of supporters waiting to get inside of his upcoming Dallas, TX rally.

Conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams posted a video of himself wearing a Trump Deplorables t-shirt and dancing in front of the crowd at the rally.

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Scott Presler, who’s been cleaning up the rat and rodent-infested streets of Baltimore and Los Angeles, was so excited to be in Dallas, where he’s training Americans how to register Republicans for the 2020 election.

An awesome video of Trump fans doing “the wave” inside the American Airlines Center before the rally was posted by a young Trump supporter, Calli Norton.

One Twitter user claims that her father, who’s in Dallas, said a police officer told him they estimate 80,000 people have shown up to enter the rally. These numbers are unsubstantiated.

Sarah Matthews posted a great video of the Trump supporters doing the “YMCA” dance.

American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas tweeted out that their venue has reached capacity.

The GOP shows why Texans are so happy to have Trump in their state. Here’s how Texans are benefitting under President Trump’s leadership.

Instead of honestly reporting about Trump’s massive rally in Dallas, the New York Times instead, posted a link to an article in their biased publication about “secret tapes” of a Texas State Republican lawmaker allegedly saying Trump had become a political liability among a crucial bloc of voters.” We’re pretty sure Trump isn’t having any trouble with voters in Texas. Nice try though, NYT’s. At least you’re consistent in your biased news coverage of our President of the United States.

Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson shared a video with a tight shot of about 20 Trump protesters, while reports of 50,000 – 80,000 Trump supporters wait to hear President Trump.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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