The fight over vaccine mandates is far from over as hundreds of American Airlines employees protested outside American Airlines’ headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, last week, after the Biden administration made it mandatory that all airliners, because they are government contractors, must require these airlines to require the vaccine and fire them if they do not comply.

Chris Grisby of Spectrum News 1 in Fort Worth reported that there were “hundreds gathered outside” the headquarters last Friday to protest the vaccine mandate. One organizer of the event told the local CBS news station that they “are leading the way in this fight because it doesn’t end with us, passengers are next.”

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And the best part? American Airlines is starting to feel the heat. American Airlines canceled over 1,000 flights in the past couple days, allegedly because of “high winds” and other “staffing problems.”

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The largest carriers in the United States have all confirmed that they will comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate for their employees. This means American Airlines isn’t the only carrier with growing problems. Five days before the rally in Forth Worth, hundreds of Southwest employees protested at their headquarters in Dallas.

With an overbearing and completely out-of-touch Biden administration, Americans everywhere have begun to understand just how bad their government is. The regime in Washington, D.C. has no care for the American People, and we know that fact better with each day that passes. Though vaccine mandates have cost some their jobs and livelihoods, they have awakened a certain spirit in many Americans, a spirit needed if we are ever going to Make America Great Again.

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