An American Airlines passenger on a flight from St Lucia to Miami issued a public complaint to the airline after seeing the pilot’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sticker on his luggage.

Dana Finley Morrison, the passenger who was “disgusted” by the sticker, took pictures of the pilot’s suitcase and tweeted to American Airlines, writing, “y’all col with your pilots displaying this kind of cowardly rhetoric on their crew luggage when they’re in uniform, about to fly a plane? we are not the only passengers who noticed and were disgusted.”

Morrison has since made her account private, but her bio says she is a “Sorority & Fraternity Professional”, and is passionate about “reality TV, feminism, and doing the right thing”.

Maybe it’s from watching too much reality TV, but Morrison appears to be irrationally frightened and offended by people whose political views opposed her own. In response, a multitude of Twitter users have jumped to the pilot’s defense, labeling her a ‘Karen’ and defending the pilot’s personal political views. Many people questioned why she was so upset by this sticker, and some asked if she thought the pilot’s views on politics would make him a worse pilot.

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One Twitter user wrote, “Will never fly American again if you discipline an employee for having a political opinion.”

Another wrote, “If he’s not pushing he agenda on the passengers and not spewing stuff over the intercom she can mind her own business! This young man has done nothing wrong”.

The airline does not allow staff members to wear badges unless they are official and pre-approved. In October 2020, the airline created a “Black Lives Matter” pin for their employees to wear, despite the slogan’s left-leaning affiliation. Prior to the creation of the official badge, however, many airline workers already wore unapproved badges with the BLM slogan.

The pilot was not even wearing this sticker on his uniform, but instead had the small phrase on his luggage. Therefore, all political beliefs are allowed to be expressed unless, of course, an employee has an opinion that doesn’t line up with the Lefist agenda.

After the approval of the BLM pin, American Arilines released a statement that they believe in “equity and inclusion for all”. Apparently this doesn’t include those who identify with a different political party.

The pilot with the sticker was not by no means harming anyone, but nonetheless, American Airlines responded to Morrison’s Tweet, thanking her for informing hem of the sticker and encouraging her to DM them with any additional information.



The pilot did not force his views on anyone, unlike American Airlines has done by only allowing views to be expressed from one side of the political spectrum.

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