General Boykin has been such a great fighter for conservative values! He’s such a great man! It’s too bad we have crazy nut jobs who’re trying to shut down Christian remarks at a prayer breakfast! Ridiculous!

Ordained minister and retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin was set to deliver remarks at a military prayer breakfast, but the event was rescheduled and he was not retained after an advocacy group complained about his biblical view of sexual morality and past criticisms of Islam
Fort Riley, home of the 1st Infantry Division of the U.S. Army in Kansas, said the disinvitation from the base’s D-Day anniversary celebration for this upcoming Monday was the result of “scheduling conflicts”
But it came less than 24 hours after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation lobbied the base not to host Mr. Boykin, saying his “fanatical” religious views constituted a threat to unit cohesion and morale
Mr. Boykin said he found out he had been dropped from the event on Wednesday when a newspaper contacted him for an interview
“They said there actually was a genuine scheduling conflict, but at the end of the day it was the result of a radical, leftist, anti-Christian group who objected to my being there,” said Mr. Boykin, who is executive vice president of the Family Research Council. “The ultimate decision was based on that”
Mikey Weinstein, MRFF president and founder, said he was threatening to take the matter to federal court and demand an injunction if the base did not drop Mr. Boykin from the prayer breakfast
Although Mr. Weinstein said he was happy with the military base’s decision to dismiss Mr. Boykin, he said those responsible for inviting the retired three-star general in the first place should be “prosecuted”

“We’ve made it clear to the Army that whoever was involved in the machinations of inviting this monstrosity should be aggressively investigated and visibly punished,” he said
MRFF claimed to be speaking on behalf of a group of 131 U.S. Army officers, noncommissioned officers and civilians of all religious backgrounds, who did not want Mr. Boykin to speak at the voluntary event due to his controversial beliefs
Mr. Weinstein said several of his clients were “weeping” on the phone because they were “terrified” of Mr. Boykin

“If you want to believe the horrible things that Boykin has said about Islam and Juice and women and the LGBT community, that’s fine,” he said. “But not to be sponsored by the U.S. Army”
While working as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in President George W. Bush’s administration, Mr. Boykin compared the war against terrorism to the war against Satan. Mr. Bush publicly reprimanded him for the remark

Mr. Boykin also said he was confident going into an engagement against an enemy warlord in Zoomalia, because “I knew my God was bigger than his”

And the retired general said Islam is not simply a religion, but a “totalitarian way of life” that should not be protected under the First Amendment

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