Hamed Ahmadi, a blogger for iPSO Afghanistan, a non-governmental organization that provides psychological counseling services to people in Afghanistan, complained on Twitter about the food at a refugee camp in Fort Bliss.

People instantly noticed the disgusting ingratitude. Pedro Gonzalez, associate editor at Chronicles Magazine who appears as a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show every now and then, put the issue in perfect framing.

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“Not complaining,” Hamed says, “but this is what I got.” We all know what happens when you try to qualify a statement and then say “but.” “But” is the great negative, completely erasing whatever came before. This is a complaint disguised as a gentle observation meant to pull the heartstrings of liberals. But, do you want to complain about American soldiers dying halfway around the world for a regime the American People do not support? You don’t get to do that. You have to stay put and watch the country you love crumble before your very eyes.

The comment section on his post was filled with Americans striking back at his ungratefulness.

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“If you don’t like this country, you can leave.”

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