Italy is being invaded BY NORTH AFRICAN illegals who’re crossing the Mediterranean to take advantage of open borders:

Since the so-called Balkan route from Turkey via Greece has been closed, Italy is the country that most migrants arrive to from the sea.


Thousands upon thousands of ECONOMIC MIGRANT REFUGEES have landed on the shores of Italy.


The problem is that ANYONE and EVERYONE can come! IT’S A FREE FOR ALL! Roaming gangs of North Africans are on the streets and have been causing trouble.


AMERICAN STUDENT (second from the left with black striped shirt) BEAU SOLOMON WITH HIS FAMILY

A student from the US was murdered in Rome by a homeless man but was mugged and robbed prior to that by a North African gang. The Pope met with the parents of the victim but it’s pretty ironic because according to the Pope we need to have open borders for everyone. Just remember the Pope has a huge wall around the Vatican to keep people out so shouldn’t Italy have borders to protect its citizens from these criminals? It sure didn’t help this young man who was a guest of the Italian people…

The illegal migration to Europe across the Mediterranean continues full force.

More than 4,500 illegal migrants were picked up Tuesday on their way from North Africa across the Mediterranean, informs the Italian coastguard, according to several international news agencies.


According to AFP, a single ship picked up a total of 1,100 people from a wooden boat and five dinghies. On the wooden boat there were, according to the Coast Guard, 435 migrants on board, including 124 women and 18 children.

The EU’s border control Frontex and EU’s anti-smuggling task force were responsible for part of the about 30 rescue missions Tuesday.

Since the so-called Balkan route from Turkey via Greece has been closed, Italy is the country that most migrants arrive to from the sea.

Between January and June 2016, Italy has received 70,930 migrants, according to the Italian Interior Ministry, reports AFP.

More than 10,000 migrants have died in the Mediterranean since 2014. The figures come from the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

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The homeless man accused of killing an American student in Rome following a drunken scuffle on the banks of the River Tiber went back to sleep as if nothing happened, it has been claimed.
Massimo Galioto, 40, was arrested on Tuesday for manslaughter after the body of Beau Solomon, a 19-year-old student studying abroad, was found in the Tiber river.
Beau, from Wisconsin and in Rome on a five week summer course, is believed to have been mugged by a North African crime gang that he chased to the riverbank where he was then met by Galioto. 

The pair then reportedly had a fight, during which he claimed the teenager fell into the river. He then apparently returned to his tent just a few feet from the Garibaldi Bridge, according to La Stampa.

Following his arrest Alessia Pennacchioli, his partner, insisted that he had not meant to hurt the student.
Speaking to the MailOnline, Miss Pennacchioli said: ‘Beau came walking down the riverbank, drunk and angry.
‘He could barely stand on his feet. He ran into Max [Massimo], who came out of his tent because the dogs were barking.
‘Beau hit Max and Max hit back. They got into a fight and Beau fell into the river.
‘It was a tragic accident. Max didn’t push him into the river, he fell because of the fight.
‘Max went back to his tent.’
She added that she didn’t call police because her phone battery was flat.
An initial autopsy has shown that Solomon drowned according to La Repubblica. Witnesses have described seeing Solomon alive when he was pushed in. He was also found with a wound on his head, suggesting he may have hit rocks when he fell in. Toxicology results are pending.

Nick and Jodi Solomon, the parents of Beau, met with the Pope on Wednesday morning at the start of an audience with French pilgrims.
A statement from the Vatican said that Pope Francis had expressed to Beau’s parents, Nick and Jodi, during the unscheduled meeting strong sentiments of ‘compassion and his closeness in prayer to the Lord for for the young man who died so tragically.

Shortly after arriving in Rome, Beau sent a text message to his mother saying ‘Everything’s so pretty. It’s so beautiful.’

He then went out drinking with fellow students in the Piazza Trilussa area which is popular with tourists and students. He also replied to his father asking from an update saying: ‘So amazing here.’
When Solomon left the bar in the early house of Friday morning, police believe he was mugged by two of the gang members who stole his wallet and mobile phone.
Solomon, who was a keen American footballer, gave chase two north African men who ran down an embankment towards the river near the Garibaldi bridge.
Italian media said CCTV footage near the riverbank shows Solomon then getting into a scuffle with Galioto.
The footage apparently shows the moment Solomon was pushed into the river. His body was recovered almost three miles downstream from the scene of the attack, on Monday.

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