American supermodel Gigi Hadid posed for the magazine cover for VOGUE Arabia wearing a Muslim veil.


We’re assuming she felt ok with it because her father is Muslim. She’s obviously not a practicing Muslim but probably felt like it’s a part of her in a cultural way…

She guessed wrong! Hadid got backlash but it was not from who you’d expect. She was attacked by Muslim women and liberals for supposed “cultural appropriation”. They went nuts on twitter with angry tweets calling her a faker for only being Muslim when it suits her:

Women criticized Hadid for using what they call a “religious” symbol for fashion yet the fashion industry has been pushing the high-fashion hijab in few past high-end designer few collections like Dolce and Gabanna:



Hadid is being pushed forward as the face of Vogue Arabia but it’s looking like the Muslim women aren’t buying it.

The reality is that women should be outraged because the veil is a symbol of oppression for so many Muslim women:
Recenlty, women ripped off the veil in a liberated city:

The other reality is that the hijab is not fashionable for most who wear it in the Middle East. As much as the fashion industry wants to romanticize this weapon of oppression, it’s not working for anyone who honestly sees it for what it is.


We REALLY need to be angry at the fashion industry for pushing a clothing item that represents oppression and abuse. This is NOT fashion! It’s actually the antithesis of fashion!

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