American workers have suffered tremendously with the outsourcing of jobs to foreign workers. The H-1B Visa program has [email protected] over Americans with decades of experience in jobs. American workers are forced to train their foreign replacements adding insult to injury for the American workers being laid off.

Many of the workers are threatened that they will lose their payout if they break a gag order. One of the most famous cases of an employee who didn’t take a payout so he could speak up is from a Disney worker. The emotional testimony below is Exhibit One of why this Visa program is so horrible:

American workers suing an India-based outsourcing firm accused of discriminating against its U.S.-born employees, while favoring Indian nationals, will get their day in court thanks to an Oakland, California federal judge.
This week, a California federal judge not only refused to throw out a case against Tata Consulting Services (TCS), one of the largest outsourcers in the U.S. of American jobs, but he also turned the case into a class-action lawsuit, according to Bloomberg.


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The case was brought against TCS in 2015 by American workers who said they experienced an anti-American bias at the company, which they say overwhelmingly favors imported workers of Indian descent.

Brian Buchanan, one of the American workers suing TCS in the class-action suit, said he had nearly 30 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry when he and roughly 400 American workers were laid off by Southern California Edison after TCS was contracted to outsource the Americans’ jobs to cheaper foreign workers.

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