President Donald Trump is without a doubt one of the most famous, if not the most famous native of New York City. Leftist politicians like Mayor DeBlasio, whose leftist political views border on communism have done absolutely nothing to honor our current president. They have done plenty however, to support the hate coming from organized protesters and liberal organizations who use public buildings like One World Trade Center as their own personal billboards to support their leftist causes and even worse, to trash our current president.  Who in New York City or the state of New York, has the authority to make a decision to use the hallowed grounds where thousands of Americans died in the worst terror attack in US history to make a leftist statement agains the President of the United States? Why are we allowing them to get away with it?

The One World Trade Center Twitter account announced they would be lighting the tower green “in solidarity with the #ParisAgreement”

Hundreds of people protested in Lower Manhattan and buildings were lit green in solidarity after President Trump declared Thursday that the U.S. is withdrawing from the landmark Paris climate agreement.

About 400 protesters gathered at Foley Square after Trump’s announcement. They held signs and chanted, “What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!”

The crowd marched through the streets to nearby City Hall, where they pounded drums and chanted, “You can’t drink oil, leave it in the soil!”

In a show of solidarity, Gov. Cuomo said One World Trade Center and the Kosciuszko Bridge would be lit green on Thursday night. Mayor de Blasio said City Hall would also light up green. –NBCNY


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Twitter users responded to liberals and the liberal media who heralded the decision to use the WTC site to trash Trump. Kelly called the decision to use the WTC for international political purposes, “disgusting”

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Kelly T wasn’t the only Twitter user who found the politicizing of the WTC site to be disgusting:

Others were offended that One World Trade Center was being used as a “political pawn”

Others mocked their hypocrisy, as they used large amounts of electricity to light the massive tower:

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