Wrecking ball “President” Joe Biden spoke today from inside a Ford manufacturing plant in Dearborn, MI.

Thanks to China’s Wuhan Virus, all of the major auto manufacturers are experiencing a massive vehicle production crisis over a shortage of global semiconductors and parts caused by a worldwide economic shutdown. Now that the Biden regime is firmly in control of both the Legislative and Executive branches of government, the threat of the Wuhan Virus seems to have all but evaporated.

USA Today reports – The microchip nightmare crippling auto factories worldwide are hitting Ford Motor Co.’s global operations the hardest in terms of actual vehicles taken out of the production, according to AutoForecast Solutions in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. The company calculates factory-by-factory company announcements, shift production, and work schedules in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

So far, that lost vehicle production this year has been projected to be::

  • Ford, 362,663 fewer vehicles
  • General Motors, 326,651
  • Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, 284,948
  • Volkswagen, 207,521
  • Stellaris, 202,486
  • Toyota, 113,555
  • Honda, 82,482

No need for Americans to worry—the guy who can’t walk up a flight of stairs without falling multiple times, traveled to Michigan today to reassure automakers he’s got their backs. While the bumbling First Fool addressed automakers, he went out of his way to acknowledge Michigan’s first openly anti-Semitic U.S. lawmaker, “Rashid” (Rashida) Tlaib.

“And Rashid, Tlaib—Where is Rashid? I’ll tell you what, Rashid—” Joe Biden said, as he promised her he would take care of her Palestinian family living in the West Bank. Biden told the foul-mouthed lawmaker who promised her supporters that she would “impeach the motherf**ker” (President Trump), on the day of her inauguration in 2016,  that he admired her intellect, telling her, “you’re a fighter—and god, thank you for being a fighter.”



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