It’s time for parents to wake up and fight back even more against critical race theory. Many parents have spoken out, but the silent majority needs to join them.

The largest teachers union in America, the NEA,  is fighting back to force critical race theory on children K-12. They have even provided funding to go after any organization that fights to have CRT in the classroom (see below). This program divides our children and teaches them to hate themselves and others. It’s is truly a racist agenda teaching that white people are all racists.

A leader in opposing CRT is Christopher F. Rufo of the Manhattan Institute. He recently sparred with racist MSNBC anchor Joy Reid on CRT (see below). Rufo says, “The teachers union has made critical race theory its #1 priority—and want to implement it nationwide.”

According to Christopher F. Rufo, who published the details titled “New BusinessItem 39” on the NEA’s effort to push CRT on school children across America:

“The NEA represents 3 million public school employees in all 50 states. They have a $350 million annual budget and an army of operatives in 14,000 local communities.”


The NEA will go after organizations that reject CRT:

Rufo went after Joy Reid in a discussion about CRT:

Time to push back even more now!

Photo credit Fox News

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