2020 was marred by seemingly endless riots and protests by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  Many of those riots used George Floyd’s death on May 25th, 2020, in Minneapolis as an excuse for their wicked and unending violence.  Now, with the trial of Derek Chauvin–an officer charged with the murder of George Floyd, scheduled to begin in March, a new USA Today/IPSOS poll suggests that American’s views on the matter have changed considerably as more evidence has been learned about the case.

The Blaze reports:

“People’s perspectives on Floyd’s death have changed dramatically in the past year. In last year’s USA TODAY/Ipsos poll, 60% of respondents described Floyd’s death as “murder.” This year’s poll of 1,165 adults found that only 36% said Floyd was murdered.

Why the change?  Perhaps the leaked release of the full 18 minutes of body-cam footage showed that Floyd was acting bizarrely, resisting arrest, and demanding to be laid on the ground after allegedly having just committed a crime.  In fact, the full video shows him saying he can’t breathe numerous times before ever being laid on the ground or having officer Chauvin’s knee on his neck, suggesting his breathing problem was not due to the actions of the officers.  The toxicology report from his autopsy showed high levels of multiple drugs, including fatal levels of fentanyl, in his system, which could have induced paranoia, heart, and breathing difficulties that caused his death.  Also, Floyd was found with drugs on him at the time and had a shocking history of violence, having once forced his way into a pregnant woman’s house and pointed a loaded gun at her belly while impersonating a government official and demanding drugs and money.  By all these measures, George Floyd is not the martyr the insurrectionist left made him out to be.  Perhaps after being sold the lie that George Floyd’s death had none of these complexities by the establishment media, the American public wised up to the propaganda narrative they were being sold.

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“Attitudes toward Floyd’s cause of death are much different when broken down along racial lines. There were 64% of black Americans who categorize Floyd’s death as “murder.” In comparison, only 28% of white Americans see the death as murder. More white people, 33%, classify Floyd’s death as “negligence” by police. Still, a mere 16% of black respondents label the death as such.

The percent of people labeled Floyd’s death as an “accident” went from 3% in 2020 to 8% in 2021. There were 17% who admitted that they didn’t know how to categorize Floyd’s death, up from 4% in June.”

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As we mentioned earlier, there was unending violence and terroristic demands in Floyd’s name caused by insurrectionist BLM and Antifa rioters in most major progressive cities around America.  Insurance paid out well over 2 billion in damages to mostly minority and small businesses.  More and more Americans of all races have grown tired of such terroristic and racist displays of aggression, with many now feeling that race relations are much worse than before:

“Trust in Black Lives Matter fell 10% since last year to 50%. Broken down by race, 75% of black Americans trust BLM versus 42% of white Americans.

Following the months of civil unrest in American cities and the Capitol riot in January, 49% of those surveyed said law and order is the most important thing to ensure, even if it means limiting peaceful protests.

There are 40% of Americans, including 54% of black Americans, who feel that race relations are getting worse, compared to only 13% who believe it is improving.”

It would be hard to believe that many people would think that race relations are improving right now.  And, it is hard to deny that the images of an officer putting his knee on the neck of a man who is saying he can’t breathe for several minutes as other officers watch instill a sense of trust in law enforcement, regardless of the drugs and violent criminal history of George Floyd.

Also, police officers have been gutted and demoralized by far-left mayors and district attorneys who routinely refuse to prosecute leftist rioters while labeling conservatives and Trump supporters as terrorists and charging them with crimes.  Good officers are fleeing major cities at alarming rates, leaving only those officers waiting to retire or far-left officers who would rule in such a tyrannical way.  Such actions attempt to train both white and black populations to be mistrustful of police and each other while training police to enforce laws on a national scale unequally.

Yet, it is not working.  Despite all of this, people seem, more and more, to be seeing through the propaganda by the radical ‘defund the police’ movement:

“The poll found that 69% trust local police and law enforcement to promote justice and equal treatment for people of all races, up from 56%.

The “defund the police” movement, which many Democrats have championed, is only supported by 18% of Americans. A paltry 11% supports the radical idea of abolishing the police. In fact, 57% of Americans support fully funding the budget for police in their community.

In September, a poll by The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that support for protests against police brutality plummeted substantially from 81% in June to 63% in mid-September.

A Bright Line Watch survey found that nearly a third of Americans want to break up the United States and create smaller, like-minded countries.”

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