With nearly 10-hours till showtime, and scattered storms in the forecast, President Trumps supporter’s are as enthusiastic as ever and undeterred by the threat of rain.  The people just keep coming, excited at the opportunity to hear the optimistic 45th president speak.

Ominous clouds can’t dampen the spirits of Trump rally attendees!

Of course, not everyone is happy and excited by President Trump’s scheduled appearance. One rabid leftist Twitter user un-shockingly hoped for death and destruction for those gathered to hear Mr. Trump, saying, “Fingers crossed Elsa picks up speed and strength and does the country a favor.” 

Another uninformed liberal, eager to show his ignorance tweeted, “DONT ALLOW ANYONE TO GIVE THEM WATER! Let them suffer like voters will have to.”

In  typical leftist fashion, YouTube has just banned Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) for seven days, just hours before the Trump rally that it planned to cover today.

The platform also deleted videos that had several million views, including the coverage of Trump’s recent rally in Ohio.

Ahh, the tolerant left…


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