Tyler Wrynn, a teacher from Oklahoma, was forced out of his 8th-grade teaching position in April after receiving backlash from a controversial TikTok in which he said, “If your parents don’t accept you for who you are, f–k them. I’m your parents now.” Now, he has been recorded by an undercover Project Veritas journalist saying that he is an ‘anarchist” and wants to “burn down the entire system.”

The ‘Libs of TikTok‘ Twitter account picked up the initial video posted by Wrynn, adding to the backlash he received. Many expressed concern over this man teaching their children, as he exhibited ‘groomer’ behavior and tried to place himself between his students and their parents.

In January 2021, Wrynn also publicly admitted that a lot of his work in the classroom is focused on countering what students learn from the adults in their lives, and suggested that parents teach their children to be hateful. Again, trying to create a rift between his students and their parents/guardians.

On a blog site, Wrynn wrote that he spends “a considerable amount of my time uprooting and deconstructing harmful stereotypes and misconceptions that my students have regarding various groups of objectified and marginalized folx. This is no fault of their own, and I don’t blame them for bringing their vitriol into my classroom. Most of them are just dumb kids, and a lot of their hate is learned from even dumber adults. That being said, I hold them accountable for the sewage that bubbles up out of their mouths, and I do my best to make sure that they see their prejudice for what it is.”

Libs of TikTok later posted an update on the woke teacher, saying he “was let go… after complaints of grooming and this TikTok + others containing questionable content were brought to the principal’s attention.”

In the wake of this controversy, Wrynn posted to Facebook, saying, “Unfortunately, the district is letting me go. I’ll be on administrative leave for the rest of the year, so at least they are going to pay out the rest of my contract. Again, thank you for the support. I guess I was a little too vocal about supporting our LGBTQIA+ kids.”

Wrynn is now employed at Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In a new video released by Project Veritas, Wrynn is recorded saying “I am an anarchist,” and expresses his dissatisfaction with Oklahoma House Bill 1775, which bans topics in the classroom that could discriminate against someone or make them feel uncomfortable based on the race or sex. This was labeled an “anti-CRT bill,” as it prevents teachers from making students feel guilty because of their race, as well as from teaching that anyone is inherently racist or sexist.

“Trust me, I want to burn down the entire system,” said Wrynn.

He also expressed his anti-religion ideology. Wrynn said, “Eventually you want to remove Christianity from, or religion, from progressive thought because religion is inherently hierarchical.”

Wrynn also suggests that he can continue to teach his woke ideologies in a more subtle way so parents won’t find out.


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