As the CCP virus death toll nears the 900K mark, Biden’s HHS (U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services) curiously stopped requiring hospitals to report CCP virus cases.

The same Democrat lawmakers who’ve spent the last two years shaming Americans for choosing not to wear a mask in indoor and outdoor settings are now announcing mandates are suddenly no longer necessary?  Could their sudden about-face have anything to do with the mid-term elections that are only nine months away?

In April, CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen who frequently appears on the DNC news network to advise on all things related to the CCP virus, implored the Biden Regime to use the experimental COVID vaccine as a way to hold the rights of Americans hostage. Dr. Wen suggested to the former CNN host Chris Cuomo that the best way to ensure all people get vaccinated is by restricting the freedoms of those who have not yet gotten the jab.


Yesterday, Dr. Wen did an about-face and tweeted that “In the coming days, we will see many Governors and local leaders lift mask mandates. This is the right step.” The right step!

Yesterday was the first day of what appears to be a coordinated plot by Democrats, the DNC corporate media, and so-called “medical experts” to erase COVID before the 2022 midterm elections.

Several Democrat governors of solidly blue states came out with the same announcement—after 2+ years of draconian mask mandates in their state, they will all be lifting their mandates.

Jeff Childers of Coffee and Covid explains…

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced that he is ending the statewide school mask mandates on February 28 — one day before the you-know-what. Like New Jersey, the decision after that will be up to individual school districts. That’s how you thread the needle; letting the blue counties continue mandatory masking, for now, and the red counties can go back to normal. At some point, when unmasked counties don’t have outbreaks, blue counties will be forced to follow.

Lamont explained that “Connecticut is seeing a dramatic decline in cases caused by the Omicron variant, and children over the age of 5 have had the ability to get vaccinated for more than three months now.”

In a related tweet, Lamont linked former FDA commissioner and Pfizer exec Scott Gottlieb, who has been making the media rounds lately peddling Narrative 2.0, saying, “I think it’s prudent for governors to think about what the ‘off switch’ looks like.”

California Governor Newsom also announced that the Golden State would end its statewide mask mandate on February 15 and also lift negative test mandates for visiting hospitals and nursing homes. “We have to learn to live with this virus,” said Roger Baily, a Southern California resident, in an article about the story by CBS Los Angeles. But — and don’t ask me how this will be possibly enforced — the indoor mask mandate will continue only for uninjected people. That should make people feel better who only took the jab to “get back to normal.”

Governor Phil Murphy triumphantly announced yesterday that the Garden State’s statewide mask mandate would end March 7 — one week after you-know-who makes his big speech. School districts can decide whether they want to keep their mandates on a district-by-district basis. “We can responsibly take this step due to declining COVID numbers and growth in vaccinations,” Murphy tweeted.

In a tweet later in the afternoon yesterday, Murphy explained that “We are not going to manage COVID to zero. We have to learn how to live with COVID as we move from a pandemic to an endemic phase of this virus.” We have to learn how to live with the virus. HAVE TO. It’s a mandate.

Democrat lawmakers who’ve fervently backed iron-fisted lockdowns put in place by their comrades are suddenly appearing maskless in photos while their subjects remain masked in the background.

The maskless Democrat GA governor wanna-be Stacey Abrams was slammed on social media for sharing a photo of herself with a room full of abused kids wearing masks over their faces.

US Rep Elissa Slotkin (MI) was the second Democrat to expose the hypocrisy of her party while setting the stage for supporting their new narrative that masks are no longer necessary.

Inexplicably, Dr. Wen (the same doctor that only ten months ago called on the Biden regime to put punitive actions against non-compliant citizens in place)  tweeted support for all the blue governors lifting mask mandates yesterday, saying, restrictions should be lifted “as quickly as possible.”


SNL comedian and actor Rob Schneider mocked Dr. Wen’s appearance with CNN’s John Berman, where she told the snarky host the “science has changed.” Schneider, like most Americans who see what’s really going on here, tweeted, “The wind has…And they see which way it’s blowing. #Freedom”

Watch CNN’s “medical expert,” Dr. Wen told CNN host John Berman that wearing a mask should now become a personal choice and that we need to be “intellectually honest” that the masks are having a serious effect on our kids.

So why the sudden change of heart?

Could it be the polls that show Democrats are in serious trouble going into the 2022 midterms?


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