Over the weekend, far-left protesters came together to demand that President Trump is impeached from office. Fox News sent one of their reporters, Lawrence Jones to cover one of the small protests. Jones is also the editor in chief of Campus Reform.

Jones was invited on The Hannity show to discuss what he saw at the anti-Trump protests, where he discussed the hateful comments he received from unhinged white liberals.

Many of the protesters Jones interviewed couldn’t give legitimate responses to simple questions like why President Trump should be impeached or what crimes did he commit?

Answer to Jones’ question about why President Trump should be impeached ranged from, “Because he’s an illegal President,” to “because he’s affected justice,” and “he conned his way into office.” But the true colors of the angry came out when leftist protesters told Jones, they’ll tell you-you should “go back to Kenya,” and that he should “go back to Fox News where there’s more cotton for you to pick.”


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Lawrence Jones and Sean Hannity discussed how much President Trump has done for black Americans. Jones said Trump needs to go into the black community and remind them how much he’s done for them.

What do you think? Are people on the left making baseless claims about Trump and his supporters being “racists,” while people on the left are the real intolerant ones? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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