***WARNING***This video will make your blood boil. The exchange between this Hispanic woman, (who we’re pretty sure is not a legal citizen, based on her comment to the victim, when she screamed, “F*ck your laws!” after he cited his right to free-speech) and the victim is stunning. Over and over again, this ill-informed and unbelievably angry student makes up her own facts with absolutely no basis whatsoever.  Saying things like the signature Trump hat that reads “Make America GReat Again” represents “the genocide of a bunch of people” and “America was never great” and of but of course, “You stole this land!” Just another ungrateful immigrant who is likely one of Obama’s “Dreamers.”

According to Campus Reform, here’s how the unbelievable exchange went down:

A Trump-supporting student at the University of California, Riverside had his MAGA hat stolen by a peer who demanded that administrators refuse to allow him to continue to wear it.

A video of the incident obtained by Campus Reform shows an enraged female student taking the hat to the school’s Student Life Department as Matthew Vitale fruitlessly attempts to explain to the young woman that the hat is his property.

“I swear to God I could burn this sh*t. I swear to God I could burn this sh*t,” she continues as several staffers look on.


“Are you people not going to do anything? She is stealing my property,” Vitale pleads, though the altercation went on for several more minutes.

“We will need to return his property to him, but we can talk about…” one university employee begins to explain before being abruptly cut off by the student thief.

“How about we talk about not letting him wear this sh*t on campus?” the thief retorts, while Vitale later tells a growing presence of administrators that “the fact that you people haven’t gotten this back for me is sad and wrong.”

The altercation continued for several minutes until the hat was relinquished to an administrator who then returned it to Vitale, though not before his fellow student got in the last word.

“F*** your f***ing freedom of speech, boy. F***it. F*** it because your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there.

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