A Loudoun County mother let it rip on the school board when she said her children are now in private schools because of actions taken by the public school system. She mentioned a moment she had with her six-year-old and then spoke against the mask mandate in schools. Many angry parents have called for the board to resign because of a rape in the school bathroom. The mom below mentions the cover-up at the end of her comments.

“My six-year-old somberly came to me and asked if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in a history lesson at Loudoun school.”

Another video of the mom:

Putting it all into perspective:

So, two elderly high-risk men don’t have to wear masks, but my seven-year-old does.
Got it…

Calls for Loudoun County School Board members to resign are growing louder and louder. Angry parents say they cannot trust the school board and the superintendent who participated in the cover-up of a rape to push the transgender bathroom agenda.

One dad called for the resignation of the board members in a blistering statement:

A Loudoun County dad of 4 young girls (the tweet incorrectly states “3” girls): “How can I as a father trust you and you as a school board to keep my daughters safe at school? I can’t. I ask you to resign.”

The parents of Loudoun County and all parents across the country need to be able to trust teachers and school boards. They do have a right to a voice in the education of their children, even if Democrats don’t believe it. Vote in people who value parents like Glenn Younkin in the Virginia governor’s race.

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