During a Fox and Friends interview, reporter Griff Jenkins shared footage from his time in McAllen, Texas where angry Democrat protesters blocked a busload of illegal alien children headed for a detention center. One of the unhinged protesters can be seen pushing up against the back of the bus, as though he believed he could actually stop the bus from backing up by sheer will. Apparently, being angry Democrat gives you certain superpowers. Who knew?

The protester pushing back on the back of the bus went off the rails, in an embarrassing rant, when Jenkins asked him why he was there.


Things really got heated, however, when a US Border Patrol agent broke his ankle while trying to protect an older woman from the angry protesters who were trying to stop the bus from entering the same detention center that’s been there since Obama’s presidency.

According to Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins, about 200 protesters from LULA or League of United Latin American Citizens, were bussed in from Austin, Dallas and San Antonio Texas. Why do Democrats always have to bus their people into events? If people are passionate about certain issues, why do they have to be bussed in? Why do they have to be paid to protest something they believe in? Does anyone remember seeing Tea Party protesters being bussed in or paid to protest? When Americans are passionate about an issue, they don’t have to be paid to speak out either on behalf of it or against it.

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