This morning, while attempting to prop up Democrat Terry McAuliffe on the day of the Virginia election for governor, “The View’s” chief-race-baiter Whoopi Goldberg falsely claimed that Critical Race Theory “is not” being taught in schools. Loudmouth Joy Behar interrupted Whoopi to read a prepared statement about the Joe Biden’s wish list of radical promises, as she blamed Republicans for using “culture wars” to distract from all of the “good things” Joe Biden is doing.

The latest shark bait for The View hags, Michele Tafoya, a sideline reporter for Sunday Night Football asked politely if she could disagree with chief hag Joy Behar?  The usually angry co-host snarkily replied, “Go ahead, that’s why you’re here!” Tafoya dismissed Behar’s bad attitude and explained how “There’s a big, big focus on color of skin” in school. She explained that her young son used to be best friends with an African-American boy in his grade until the school developed “affinity groups” which separated kids by color, causing her son and his best friend to drift apart. She explained that it happened again when her son became best friends with a Korean boy who lost interest in him when he joined his “affinity group.” “Why are we even teaching that the color of skin matters?” she asked. Whoopi interrupted to tell her, “You live in the United States—you know that color of skin has been mattering to people for years.” “Can’t we change it?” Tafoya asked? “Well, we need white people to step up do that!” Whoopi replied. Tafoya explained that white people have been doing that since the Civil War. “NO!” shouted Whoopi. “When you have a country, or let’s say a state where somebody can be hung from a tree—and that’s okay?” Lafoya jumped in to remind Whoopi that “it’s not okay,” as Behar and her fellow race-obsessed co-host Sonny Hostin interrupted to tell their audience that it wasn’t so long ago that lynchings took place.

These women were shamefully re-writing history in front of the eyes of their hundred or so viewers, as Whoopi told them “America has had her reckoning!”  Behar jumped in to say “There seems to be this movement on the right to not talk about our history.” Lafoya, who looked as though she just couldn’t take it anymore reminded them that she’s “all about the history.”

Curiously, with all The View historians sharing their vast knowledge of history, it’s strange that none of them mentioned Democrats were behind the Ku Klux Klan that was lynching blacks in America or that the Democrat Party was the political party hell-bent on preventing minorities from being treated equally. But none of that matters when you have a panel of six women and only allow one to have an opposing view. They should really re-name the show “The Liberal View.”

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Poor Whoopi…it must be awfully hard to be a multi-millionaire black woman living in such an opressive country that doesn’t allow black Americans the same opportunities as whites. White people need to fix that…

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