Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders, whose political ideology leans left of communism, took to Twitter today to not so discreetly attack fellow Democrat Senators Kristen Sinema (AZ) and Manchin (WV). Sanders’s tweet, which resulted in him being the butt of several jokes, was meant to shame the more moderate Senators over their refusal to join their Democrat comrades and vote for the staggering $3.5 TRILLION “infrastructure”  climate change bill. The self-proclaimed Socialist, and multi-millionaire lifetime politician, should probably proofread his tweets before posting them on Twitter.

Sanders tweeted: 2 senators cannot be allowed to defeat what 48 senators and 210 House members want. 

We must stand with the working families of our country.

We must combat climate change. 

We must delay passing the Infrastructure Bill until we pass a strong Reconciliation Bill.

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The responses to Comrade Bernie’s tweet were spot on and exactly what he deserved.

Matthew Kolken accused “The Communist” of not being “particularly good at math” while reminding him that 52 U.S. Senators are voting against the 48 radical Democrats, “The correct answer is 52 Senators, Senator.”

Popular conservative commentator Robby Starbuck wrecked Sanders and his misleading tweet with this response:

Bernie, I know math isn’t a strong suit for socialists like you but it’s 52 Senators opposing your insane reconciliation bill. 52 is more than 48. Also, there are 435 house members and 210 of them support your far left bill. You and your far left wish list lost Bernie. 

Comedian Tim Young tweeted, “Math is hard for socialists,” and Joe Townsend wrote, “This is a pretty hilarious way of trying to say “48 senators should win a vote over 52 senators when it’s a bill I like.” That’s some pretty creative math.”


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