Maria Luce posted the best video of the week! We love her spunk! She was obviously p*ssed when she made the video below after a punk broke into her home. Our advice to anyone even remotely thinking of breaking into her home is: DON’T DO IT!

She’s a mother and entrepreneur from McKinney, Texas. Luce was at home when a burglar dressed in all black and with a mask walked right into her living room. She posted a great video to Facebook with a warning directly to the burglar:

“So, just to make something clear. To the kid who broke into my home tonight: I’m not sure that you know what this is but I am locked and loaded,” she warned. “And by the way, thank you for leaving all the evidence behind. Because guess what? You were on camera, breaking into our home.”

“And you’re so smart that you left your fingerprints everywhere for the McKinney PD to now have them,” she continued. “We have inside cameras, and we have outside cameras.”

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“You won’t do it again. We will find you. Don’t mess with my home,” she concluded. “It was not smart on your part young man, you committed a felony and you will be found. Period.”

This lady is awesome!!!

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