Veteran Carlos Zapata delivered a rant to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors that has gone viral because it’s what so many Americans feel about the government since the coronavirus pandemic.

Zapata warned the board that they are lucky Americans are holding back their anger and outrage at the government for politicizing the coronavirus pandemic:

“You guys can sit here with your jobs, you can sit here and fall asleep like that gentleman is with the mask on,” delivered his remarks before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors at a packed hearing with over 80 different speakers. Zapata was just one of many who came with a warning, but his words were particularly to the point.

“It’s not going to be peaceful much longer. This isn’t a threat, I’m not a criminal, I’ve never been a criminal. I’m concerned. Good citizens are going to be turning into revolutionary citizens pretty soon…You won’t stop us when the time comes, because we’re starving.”

“This is a warning for what’s coming. It’s not going to peaceful much longer. It’s not going to be rah-rah. It’s not going to be speeches. It’s not going to be gathering outside saying the pledge of allegiance. It’s not going to be waving flags. It’s gonna be real. When you’ve seen the things that I’ve seen…I went to war for this country…I’ve seen the ugliest, dirtiest part of humanity. I’ve been in combat. And I never want to go back again. But I’m telling you what…I will to save this country and if it has to be against our own citizens it will happen. And there are a million people like me, and you won’t stop us.”

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“Open the county. Let our citizens do what they need to do. Let owners of businesses do what they need to do to feed their families.”

“I’ve had six friends kill themselves…veterans who lost their jobs. You claim to be conservatives, maybe you’re liberals, I don’t know. Join with us, fight with us. Against what’s going on in Sacramento.”

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Zapata (pictured below) is a husband and father who is honestly fed up with the shut down of small businesses.

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