Ok, so the headline above is my rough paraphrase of a long interview.

I’m going to give you clips so you can watch the entire thing and draw your own conclusions.

I want to say that upfront because I’m giving you the impression I walked away with, but I don’t want to put words in Ann Coulter’s mouth so we’ll just let you listen to it direct from the, errrr, horse’s mouth.

Watch here:

Backup video here:

We like to be fair around here, so here is Ann Coulter’s fiery response to someone questioning her comments:

I’m not sure…

What did you hear?

Did we all hear the same interview?

Patrick Bet-David seemed to hear some questionable things.

Here is PBD chatting about it with Vivek after the fact:

Same with Laura Ingraham, who also asked Vivek about it on her show:

So what do you think?

It seems to me like Vivek handled himself with pure class both during the interview and afterwards.

What about Ann Coulter?

It’s not the first time Vivek has displayed class and integrity.

Remember this?

BREAKING: Vivek Ramaswamy Vows to WITHDRAW from Colorado Primary Unless Trump Allowed On Ballot

Speaking of Vivek, this may be one of my favorite moments.....so hilarious!

And he also handled this one very well:

Vivek Goes Full “Frank Drebin” In Hilarious Hot-Mic Clip!

So I'm curious:

Would You Support a Trump/Vivek Ticket?

A couple days ago, President Trump had a very interesting post about Vivek after news broke that Vivek had paused all television spending in Iowa...

Trump wrote, “He will, I am sure, Endorse me. But Vivek is a good man, and is not done yet!

Here was his post:

The two have refrained from attacking each other during the campaign, with Vivek often going out of his way to support President Trump in many instances.

So it's naturally led many to speculate we may be seeing a VP candidate take shape here.

And one comment I read recently asked me to create a Poll asking if people would support a Trump/Vivek ticket:

Great idea!

I am very curious to see how that might turn out....

So let's do it!

If you would kindly add your vote below, I will bring you the results tomorrow:

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Support a Trump/Vivek Ticket?

Really curious to see how this ends up!

Oh and please share this if you don't mind so we can get the maximum survey size possible for best and most accurate results.


See you back here tomorrow for the results.

Add your vote here 👇

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Support a Trump/Vivek Ticket?

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