How do these people make it to positions of authority? Yvonne Harper is an Ohio city councilwoman who posted a meme on social media that called Red States that voted for President Trump a vulgar name. She’s another one who only creates more votes for Republicans. Who wants to be a part of this abuse? If you ask us, Ms. Harper is the one who might be living in “Dumbf**kistan”. Harber’s Facebook page has attracted outraged Trump supporters who don’t appreciate Harber’s vulgar hit on Red States.

Harper deleted the meme but we think it might have looked something like this: (LANGUAGE ALERT!)

Yvonne Harper released a statement that’ll make your brain hurt…it’s that irrational!

“I know that I am an elected official. But I am ALSO a person. A WOMAN, an individual, a constituent who has been listening to the confirmation hearings, the news and the current President’s (elected official) statements,” she wrote. “I admit that I did leave the curse words on it but to only get voters out there no matter what — but I was posting under my personal FB page and I made sure it was not council page — voters need to understand that I am a solid voter and a citizen.”

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Washington Times reported


Yvonne Harper, a Democrat, drew backlash last week after she posted a map showing the states that voted for President Trump in the 2016 election labeled as “Dumbf—kistan” and the states who voted for Hillary Clinton labeled as “United States of America.”

She later deleted the post and said  she shouldn’t have used profanity to make her point, but explained she was only trying to mobilize voters.

“I was posting as a constituent,” Ms. Harpertold a local ABC affiliate. “My job is to get people out to vote, and that’s what I thought I was doing. Didn’t realize that I was gonna draw this big uproar.”

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