Here’s another gem from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats keep shoving her out there to fundraise and make appearances. That’s not such a good strategy when she can’t even form a complete thought. Check out Pelosi speaking at the Progressive Caucus Center Strategy Summit this week:

Pelosi said, “If we, we have to— with all of the vision that we may have about, uh, uh, E pluribus unum— and from one nation, you know, one, uh, uh, the idea of bringing us all together—whatever vision we have about liberty— life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans, all sharing in prosperity.”

Pelosi continued, “Whatever vision we may have…my, my motivation is one in five children in America lives in poverty. I can’t handle, I mean I just can’t handle it, so everyday, I eat nails for breakfast, don a suit of armor and go out there and fight for the kids because that’s about everything, it’s about the future.

Pelosi continued to struggle putting sentences together throughout her remarks:

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“In order to win the election, we have to have an economic, the economic message of a better deal, uh, they’ll be, it’s be wrote, has been roasted.” HUH? What did she just say?

She keeps mentioning the founders and what they’d want. It’s safe to say the founders would be appalled at this supposed ‘lawmaker’ and her ridiculous claims.

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