Inflation reaches new 40-year high at 9.1% for June.

As Democrat incompetence continues to compound, inflation has reached yet another new 40-year high at the end of June.

Leaping a staggering 1.3% from May, according to the Department of Labor, inflation for June sat at a whopping 9.1%–much higher than the anticipated 8.8% for the month.

Energy prices are up 41.6% from last year, with gas alone at nearly 60% higher costs than in June of last year. Meanwhile, the rapid growth indicates that inflation is nowhere near stopping and that its underlying causes are still rampant.

Food, shelter, and energy are all highly impacted by this inflation and make living and working much more difficult for working-class and middle-class Americans. Meanwhile, the Biden regime does nothing but blame Putin for all the woes, despite the inflation having been going on since well before Putin’s war kicked off.

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The vague “efforts” allegedly being taken by Biden to lower food and gas prices have not paid off.

Contributing factors to inflation, in reality, consist of mass and reckless spending from the Democrats in office, a war on fossil fuels, selling oil reserves to China and other foreign nations, and more general mismanagement of the economy.

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Yet Democrats seem to believe we can spend our way out of it by giving more to Ukraine and paying off student loans.

In the real world, this only makes the problem worse. We are rapidly approaching stagflation, where we simultaneously have rampant inflation and recession, for the first time since the 1970s. In fact, we are already there and are just waiting for officials to acknowledge it. Over two quarters of lowered economic output in a row constitutes a recession. 9.1% yearly inflation is quite clearly rampant. This means that stagflation is already here.

And it was brought to you by the Democratic Party.

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