The NFL has been suffering from dealing with the problems stemming from the issues with disrespectful players abusing their platform to protest during the national anthem and “take a knee.” As if that wasn’t bad enough for the NFL who apparently suffered some lower ratings due to the protests and the fans being sick of the nonsense, there is now another reason that some fans might be turned off, no pun intended.

The 2018 season of the NFL will introduce the first male cheerleaders. Two guys will suit up and take the field, but they’ll be with the ladies doing their dances and cheering on the guys who are out there making plays. While some people might say it’s discriminatory to bash the male cheerleaders, just remember that every time a guy puts on that cute little outfit, a woman lost her job over it.

Most people would like to see the guys on the field and the girls as the cheerleaders.

Surely, the guys who do this for a living love what they do, but they’re likely to face some scrutiny while they take the field. Not to be rude, but I’d rather see female cheerleaders and I think most football fans would as well.

Warner Todd Huston from Breitbart went into a bit more detail of the logistics, stating: “This season, and for the first time in NFL history, there will be male dancers cheering alongside the female cheerleaders, when the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints take the field.

Male dancers Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies are set to make history as the 2018 season kicks off this year as they prepare to join the women on the sidelines cheering for the Rams, CNN reported.

“Still can’t believe I’m one of the first males in history to be a pro NFL cheerleader!” Jinnies tweeted after making the team in March.

Peron and Jinnies were hired onto the Rams cheer squad after trying out early this year.

Other teams have men as part of the sideline entertainment squads. The Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts have had male cheerleaders who perform stunts, but, until now, there have been none who are dancers integrated into the female cheer squad.

As to the Saints, when the season starts 25-year-old Jesse Hernandez will take his place among the team’s cheerleaders.

“The process has been great, everyone has been really nice to me, and I can’t wait to see where this goes,” Hernandez said adding that his mother told him it was “my time to shine.”

OK then. I guess he’ll be shining but it remains to be seen how the fans will react to having a male cheerleader take the turf. Most fans are used to seeing the ladies strut their stuff while the men bash each other’s brains in.

How will NFL fans react to seeing guys dancing on the sideline?


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