Since Russia began its war with Ukraine last year, many prominent Russian officials and business people have died under mysterious circumstances. The latest on this list is 58-year-old Marina Yankina, a key figure in the funding of Vladimir Putin’s war with Ukraine.

Marina Yankina, 58

On Wednesday, she allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a 16th-floor window in an apartment building.

Yankina reportedly called her ex-husband just minutes before taking her own life, telling him what she was about to do and asking him to call the police.

She was soon found dead near the entrance of the building in St. Petersburg. Although no official motive for suicide has been determined, Yankina was reportedly struggling with health problems.

Yankina was the head of the financial support department of the Ministry of Defense for the Western Military District.

This adds to the number of suspicious deaths of prominent Russian officials since the Russian-Ukrainian war began.

Earlier this week, a senior Russian general named Vladimir Makarov died in an apparent suicide in a Moscow suburb. He had been allegedly fired by Putin a few weeks prior.

Vladimir Makarov, 72

In November, Col. Vadim Boiko, a 44-year-old deputy head of the Makarov Pacific Higher Naval School in Vladivostok, was killed after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. This was later ruled a suicide.

Boiko allegedly shot himself five times in the chest in his commander’s office. His widow reported that he did this after being set up to take the blame for issues related to the invasion of Ukraine.

In December, a Russian politician and businessman named Pavel Antov who criticized his country’s invasion of Ukraine fell from a luxury hotel in India and died. His friend, who was on the same trip, died two days earlier.

Pavel Antov

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