Progressives, like all tyrants, always need to tear others down in order to build themselves up.

The sun has set and dark clouds have lowered over The Golden Gate of The Golden State

A tactic that is as old as time for any usurping force–be it a terrorist, an army, or a cult, is to erase the collective memory of its victims.  This is often done by gaslighting and cutting people off from the ones they love.  In the context of a national insurrection, this must be done to entire populations.  This means they must wipe out the collective history of the people in the nations they are trying to usurp.  Effectively, this means cutting a culture off from the history it loves and rewriting it in a manner that suits the usurping force.  This causes a societal chaos and anxiety and serves to make many citizens hate themselves and their country, having forgotten what made them great and no longer trusting any of their history.  Hitler did this.  Mao did this.  Isis does this.  And, Progressives do this through soft degrees every day.

Today, progressives in San Francisco perpetuated America’s cultural and societal destruction by demonizing and removing the very founders of this country and other historical leaders from the names of their schools, blacklisting them for asinine things like existing during the time of slavery.  Perhaps most fittingly, they also stripped the name of a school after progressive Democrat Diane Feinstein because they no longer deem her progressive enough, and therefor she had to be erased as well in the cleansing of the purity fires.

Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln

Breitbart reports:

“Schools in San Francisco, California, will be stripped of names honoring famous American leaders deemed unworthy because of a connection to slavery or other unsavory ties, including Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

John Muir, Francis Scott Key, and Catholic Priest Junipero Serra are also on the list.

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In all, 44 school will be renamed, even as critics of the decision cite the committee tasked with picking the schools did not receive enough input from historians and a lack knowledge about the current school names.

“In one instance, the committee didn’t know whether Roosevelt Middle School was named after Theodore or Franklin Delano,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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And despite concerns that the city has more important issues to address, including the coronavirus pandemic, rampant drug overdoses, and an ongoing homelessness epidemic, the city’s school board believes it can handle multiple issues, including erasing history from the halls of education.

The Chronicle reported on the controversial move, which also includes stripping the school named after sitting Sen. Dianne Feinstein because as Mayor she replaced a Confederate flag that was vandalized at City Hall”

A full list of the fours dozen schools can be found at the Breitbart link.

San Francisco is run by precisely these kinds of tyrants described in the opening of this article.  They seek nothing less that the complete obliteration of American history. They will, of course, keep the names of some historical figures,  But, they will hollow out their legacies and turn them evil, much like they have done to our institutions.  Tyrants need to tear others down in order to build themselves up.

Every authoritarian force must destroy the culture of the people it victimizes as a matter of necessity.  When you mean to rule a mass of decent people with strong values illegitimately, you must first illegitimately come into power and illegitimately convince the people that the old way was ‘bad’ and the new way is ‘good.’

Find and store hard copies of the history that you think is important because tyrants will wipe it out.  They always do, one way or another.


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