An anarchist and anti-cop activist who advocated for the abolition of the police and criminal justice system was murdered in a botched robbery on Monday.

Jennifer Angel, aged 48, was sitting outside of a bank, her assailants smashed her car window and stole her belongings inside her car before attempting to run off.

When she attempted to chase after the robbers, she grabbed on to their car and died as the car drug her over 50 feet.

Even in her death, her family said that she would not want her assailants to go to jail on her GoFundMe.

Angel openly bragged on Facebook that she taught her employees at her business, Angel Cakes, to never call the cops even if the store was being robbed or people were attempting to shoplift.

Angel was the editor of left-wing magazine Clamor and worked for a punk rock journal when she was not running her business.

The Daily Mail Reports

The family of an Oakland baker and former publisher who espoused anarchist beliefs believe that the thieves who killed her in a daylight robbery and assault shouldn’t go to jail and her death shouldn’t be used to argue for more police.

Jennifer Angel, 48, founded Angel Cakes bakery in Oakland in 2008. Prior to that, she was a publisher of what she described as ‘radical, progressive’ magazines and a publicist for authors.

On Monday, Angel was leaving her car in front of a bank in uptown Oakland when two robbers smashed her car window and ran off with her belongings, her fiance Ocean Mottley said.

She then went after the robbers’ getaway car, catching up with it but getting trapped in its door and being dragged over 50 feet. Her head was crushed on the sidewalk and the car drove away.

By Thursday, her family had confirmed her death after spending days in a coma at a local hospital.

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