NY Post reports that several people were arrested for disorderly conduct and three police officers were injured after a housing project block party got out of hand. It all began around 11 p.m. Saturday when cops responded to complaints of a large group of “drunk people”.

When cops placed one person under arrest, onlookers turned on them.

Cops then used pepper spray against the crowd. The effects of the pepper-spray is captured on video posted to Instagram. The post depicts angry residents trying to flush the chemicals from their faces with milk.

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After midnight, someone fired nine shots into the air from a rooftop in the housing project. Police officers suffered injuries caused by “air mail,” or objects tossed from rooftops of the Marcy Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesa.

By 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, small roving bands of angry residents were still taunting police officers in the surrounding blocks.

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Four people were arrested in three incidents. Eleven people were also issued summonses for disorderly conduct.

The most serious arrest is shocking because a man actually head-butted a police officer:

Guillermo Lopez, 17, who was charged with assault on a police officer for allegedly head-butting a cop.

The police union slammed NYC Mayor De Blasio over the anti-cop violence that has been happening in the city over the summer.










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