Ilhan Omar was elected in 2018 along with other progressive representatives promising to push for policies like free college, Medicare for All, and green energy reforms.  For the last four years, the ‘Fraud Squad’ has failed to deliver on any of these policies and has turned to identity politics to distract from their shortcomings.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Mn.) has come under fire in the past for her anti-semitic comments about Israel and advocacy groups such as AIPAC that stand up for Israel’s right to defend itself.

Not satisfied with attacking Jewish people, Omar decided to turn her sights on Christians on Holy Saturday when a small group of people sang hymns on a flight.




Even better, one user later revealed that the people singing hymns on the plane were part of a faith-based volunteer group that went to Europe to sing hymns and spread hope to Ukrainian refugees.  Omar is so filled with hate for Jews and Christians that she Tweeted out an attack against Christian missionaries on Holy Saturday.



Beyond that, other users also attacked Omar for her tone-deafness in the replies.

One user pointed out that minority religions are routinely oppressed and persecuted in Muslim-dominated countries.



Another user said that the Christian missionaries singing hymns on a plane is only a fraction of what woke leftists do to shove their agenda in people’s faces on a daily basis.



Last but certainly not least, a user who was crowned Miss Iraq in 2017, representing the country in the Miss Universe paegant said that Omar should stop hate mongering against American Christians and instead focus on issues within the Muslim community.


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