Last month, during President Trump’s visit to the queen, leftist activists dragged out a large Baby Trump balloon they used during his last visit, as once again, they attempted to embarrass our President by flying it over London to protest his visit. “Based Amy,” a  conservative British woman who loves President Trump decided that she had enough of the shenanigans of the left and punctured the Baby Trump balloon with a knife.

Far-left activists in the U.S. were so impressed with the childish prank that they decided they would get the necessary permits to fly the Baby Trump balloon over Trump’s massive 4th of July parade in D.C. Unfortunatley for the far-left, anti-Trump, anti-military group, they’re not going to be able to get the location they hoped for and they’re not going to be able to get it off the ground.

According to the Daily Mail – A women-led grassroots organization has gotten permission to hoist their ‘Baby Trump’ hot-air balloon at 4th of July celebrations in DC – but they are upset that it comes with stipulations.

Codepink, a non-governmental organization started in 2002, announced that it will be having a press conference on Wednesday to address the permit.

In a Tuesday release, the organization announced that it will be detailing plans to hoist Baby Trump with helium and hold a ‘Trump is a Big Baby’ Festival.

The organization also mentioned that it ‘denounces the military aircraft and tanks that President Trump is ordering to militarize July 4, while the National Park Service is denying CODEPINK’s request to fly the Baby Trump balloon two feet off the ground.’

Codepink shared that they had initially submitted their permit to the National Park Service on June 6.

On July 1, the permit was granted for the National Mall at the Washington Monument near 17th and Constitution.

The organization shared that it had requested space at the base of the Washington Monument ‘that would not have obstructed anyone’s view but would have allowed the president to see the baby.’

Instead, Codepink claimed that it was given ‘location options’ – ultimately settling on their location in the Northwest Quadrant.

We are now trying to get the waiver from the FSDO, but feel this bureaucratic process is designed to force us to just keep the baby on the ground, instead of floating it in the air. It’s ridiculous that we have to contact the FAA to hoist a balloon two feet off the ground,’ said CODEPINK logistics manager Tighe Barry.

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