It’s a strong possibility that Barbra Streisand is regretting the tweet she sent out today showing Pelosi impaling President Trump with her pump.

Immediately after Streisand tweeted the cartoon out, Trump supporters flooded her twitter feed shaming her for reporting the violent image:

“Sick…Wow, such tolerance…Despicable…So wrong!…Exceedingly classless & parochial…This really is not ok. No matter what you think of him, this is wholly unacceptable.”

The negative comments to Babs far outweigh the positive comments. Wonder how long it will be before she deletes this classless tweet.

Another day – another death threat against @realDonaldTrump from a prominent leftist with millions of followers

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A New York Times billboard is also one of the latest violent images of President Trump that promotes harm to him.

If the tables were turned and this was Obama being hog-tied, the media would go ballistic!

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