French President Emmanuel Macron has prided himself as the world’s anti-Trump. He has arrogantly taken counter stances to President Donald Trump’s on issues such as global warming and globalization. Ironically, he seems to have abruptly decided that his political career may benefit from associating himself with Trump, as he was caught on video jostling his way through world leaders so stand beside Trump in a G-20 group photo.

Macron left his position during the family picture to place himself next to US President Donald Trump as German Chancellor Angela Merkel watched on.

Starting off near the back of the G20 group Mr. Macron appeared to lose his way before an aide tried to direct him to his spot.

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Noticing the commotion, Angela Merkel tapped Mr. Macron on the shoulder to get his attention but the French PM was already making his way through the world leaders.

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Mr. Macron jostled and kissed his way to the front in an awkward reshuffle.

He finally joined Trump on the far left fringe at the G20 summit leaders’ group photo.

This is suspiciously different behavior from the time President Macron tried to avoid President Trump and then crush his hand during a handshake. –The Telegraph

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