DISGUSTING! A far-left protester chokes and beats a MAGA-hat wearing woman at a Pro-Trump rally in Gresham, Oregon.

Independent journalist Andrew Duncomb recorded the video footage in what appears was an unwarranted attack on the MAGA-hat wearing woman. This is yet another example of the “tolerant” left’s hypocrisy. A group of Pro-Trump supporters gathered in Gresham, Oregon for a rally supporting the police amid the far-left’s cry to ‘defund the police.’  The anti-Trump protestor, dressed in green, is seen choking and beating a pro-Trump woman.



At this time, there is no report of any injuries sustained during the confrontation, as well as no arrests being made at the ‘Back the Blue’ rally. Duncomb tweeted live footage from the rally on Twitter showing many pro-Trump supporters holding signs and American flags. Contrary, BLM and ANTIFA protesters gathered solely to agitate the pro-Trump and pro-police rally.


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Later, Duncomb tweeted criticism on the ANTIFA fanboy of the day, a handicapped man who disrespectfully shouted insults and attempted to swipe Duncomb’s camera from his hands.

“You’re the most anti-American thing there is,” said the ANTIFA troll.


Just how far will the radical left go to terrorize Republicans and American citizens? When will the madness end? – Comment your thoughts.

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